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Joshua Nesbitt Injury: Air Force Coach Troy Calhoun On The Possibility Of Nesbitt Playing

During all of Georgia Tech's bowl preparations, coach Paul Johnson has said that Joshua Nesbitt will not play and that Tevin Washington will be the starting quarterback. He was quoted as saying that "he's out," but he never officially closed the book. "He's probably not going to play," he said, changing from a definitive answer to one with a loophole. "That'd be a real reach, I think."

Air Force coach Troy Calhoun thinks that his team might see a surprise Monday evening. When asked if Nesbitt might return from his injury, the coach answered, "We realize there's a very strong possibility that could occur." 


Johnson has kept all of his bowl practices closed to the media and to fans, so no one can say if Nesbitt has been practicing. But no one can say that he hasn't been, either.

Tech fans have spent four years watching the quarterback, and have been amazed at his toughness countless number of times. If there is anyway he can help the team win, he will do it. 

Maybe #9's career isn't over just yet. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.