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Independence Bowl, Georgia Tech Vs. Air Force: A Fast Night In Shreveport, But Nobody's Scoring

With less scoring than the first quarter, the second period of the Independence Bowl went by even more quickly. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and Air Force Falcons each put together significant drives, but neither could reach the end zone. Air Force did put together a field goal drive in the half’s closing minute, and at halftime the score is 7-6.

Tech QB Tevin Washington has played well, which seems to be a surprise to most non-Tech fans. Having watched him for a quarter of a season now, the average Yellow Jackets observer has a reasonable amount of confidence in Washington. Before a sack by Rick Ricketts that killed Tech’s last drive before halftime, Washington had 77 yards rushing against a disciplined, option-prepared Air Force D and hadn’t made any major mistakes.

He still doesn’t quite have the dropback passing ability of Falcons QB Tim Jefferson, who has 87 yards passing on 17 attempts. Yep — some option teams pass much more often than Tech does.

The Falcons went for it on fourth down four times in the quarter. Two fourth-down runs were stuffed, and WR Jonathan Warzeka fell down behind the line on another, but a fake punt to Mikel Hunter went for 29 yards and called to mind the successful fake punt the LSU Tigers pulled off against Tech two years ago in the Chick Fil A Bowl.

Tech also tried a fourth-down conversion in scoring territory, but Air Force CB Reggie Rembert skied to tip away a Tevin Washington pass intended for the much taller Kevin Cone.

Warzeka has struggled all around, also flubbing two sure first down catches. This may be some solace to Tech fans tired of Jackets receivers dropping balls all year long. Receivers in run-heavy offenses don’t get a lot of practice time to spend on catching passes — Demaryius Thomas is the exception, and even he had a big drop or two.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.