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2010 ACC Championship, Florida State Vs. Virginia Tech: Taking A Look At The Weather

So far, the championship game's move from Florida to Charlotte has been everything the conference has hoped for. It is expected to sell out, the city has been a great host, and a high-profile matchup will generate more interest than in the past. 

The only negative up to this point is the weather. Tampa Bay, last year's host, is going to be around 60 degrees at its lowest point tomorrow. Charlotte? Not so nice. The low for tomorrow is 29 degrees, and it is supposed to start raining around midday and continue through the game. Kickoff temperatures will be low 40's, and continue to drop until the champion is decided. 

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer complemented Charlotte, calling it "the perfect place." He commented on the weather, saying "The only thing that is iffy is the weather. You know, cold doesn't affect a game anymore. Rain affects a game a little bit, wind I think affects a game a little bit, but hopefully the weather is going to be okay, and if not, both teams got to play in it."

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.