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ACC Championship Game Score: Virginia Tech Opens Second Half With Touchdown, Lead FSU 28-17

Virginia Tech continued its offensive success from the first half in the first possession of the second half, driving 67 yards on 7 plays for the touchdown and a 28-17 lead. The key play was the 45 yard touchdown completion to Danny Coale, who somehow got free from the Seminole secondary and was wide open for the score.

The first half theme of defense-optional continued in the drive. FSU was able to force one third down, but both teams have had great success on third down. FSU is 4-for-6, and Virginia Tech is 8-for-10.

I get the feeling that FSU is hanging by a thread. The Seminoles have managed to answer score for score, but are down by two possessions because of the Virginia Tech's interception for a touchdown. Every FSU offensive possession is forced to score because of the defense's inability to stop the Hokie offense. If Virginia Tech can force one more turnover or force one punt, that may just be enough. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.