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N.C. State Vs. Georgia Tech: Meet Russell Wilson, Terrifying Quarterback And Colorado Rockie

He throws, he runs, he bats, and he fields. Two-sport star Russell Wilson will be a handful for the Jackets on Saturday, but did you know he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the fourth round of this year’s MLB draft?

Wilson was rusty in his first two starts this year, completing only 31 of 61 attempts, after spending much of his offseason playing Single-A baseball. He shook the cobwebs off last week, lighting up Cincy and earning conference player of the week honors.

After Joshua Nesbitt, Christian Ponder, and Jacory Harris whiffed BASEBALL TERM?, Wilson stands alone as the ACC’s only much-hyped quarterback to deliver so far this year. Even though he struggled against Central Florida, he has yet to throw a pick this season, and hasn’t thrown one in his last 133 attempts.

From The Rumble Seat is worried about Wilson’s creativity, distribution, and arm:

Earlier this year, we gave Wilson a high fear factor because of his agility and the simple potential of him turning a failed play into a successful one. Now, with three games under our belt and our defensive line surrounded by question marks, his threat level is EMPIRE STATE BUILDING.

If we aren’t worried about the Wolfpack dinging up Tech’s scoreboard, we should watch these highlights and remember all the moments last week when T.J. Yates had cause to move around in the pocket, but lacked the jets:

The Jacket defense’s six-game streak of allowing 100-yard rushers may not end this week. Wilson himself probably won’t run for a hundy, but the threat he presents has often left the read option give wide open for Wolfpack running backs, as you can a few times in the highlights from their game against UCF:

Tech defenders have been overly aggressive and bad at holding ground all the way back to the end of Paul Johnson’s first season, at least. A smart distributor like Wilson will be able to consume yardage against this bunch, as he’s by far the best player Al Groh’s crew has faced yet this season.

We’re looking at yet another shootout. Or, in baseball terms, we might be going to extra innings.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.