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N.C. State 17, Georgia Tech 7 At Half: Should Be 27-7, Or Adrian Clayborn Wears White

Holy hell.

Responding to Tech’s only offensive effort, Russell Wilson led a 69-yard two-minute drive concluding with a 21-yard score to Steven Howard.

Wilson’s now 16 of 23 for 219 yards. As long as his offensive line holds, he looks unstoppable. At least three or four of his incompletions came after he was chased out of the pocket, and Tech has three sacks.

Tech doesn’t look as zombified as it dead against Kansas, or as sloppy as it did against South Carolina State (except for that burst of fumbles in the first quarter). N.C. State has simply played very well. Jon Tenuta and company concocted a great game plan, and a lot rides on Paul Johnson’s highly touted halftime adjustments.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.