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Tech Hasn't Lost A Home Game By More Than Two Scores To An Unranked Team Since 2003, And Other Mopes

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At the very bottom of this document, you can find evidence of a Tech fan presuming a ten-point victory over a team led by the conference’s best quarterback. Isn’t that funny?

This was, for me at least, the most discouraging Yellow Jacket loss since the 9-6 ACC Championship Game in 2006. Everything we feared would be bad about this team was made to look really, really bad. It would be foolish to say State employed an option-stopping blueprint, and the secret’s out, and we’re doomed.

But a trend is emerging — in Tech’s two losses, omnipresent linebacker play (State’s middle linebacker, Nate Irving, finished with 16 tackles, a handful of tackles for loss, and a sack) supplemented solid line fundamentals, frustrating Joshua Nesbitt into bad decisions, hesitant pitches, and high throws. Not that his line, led by a lime-green center, was any help, or that Anthony Allen’s pair of fumbles or Stephen Hill’s horrible route-running didn’t muddle things.

On defense, a young secondary that’s still learning a new defense was julienned by a great all-around quarterback. Russell Wilson only got more comfortable as the day wore on.

Hey, at least Texas had a worse day.

Backing The Pack:

Wow. I need some time to collect my thoughts because the only thing running through my head right now is JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY POINTS WIN JOY JOY JOY 4-0 WINNING YAY JOY.

Tech travels to Wake Forest next week. The Demon Deacons have given up 147 points in their past three games (including 48 to Duke) and were shut out by Florida freaking State’s defense today, so Paul Johnson’s maxim about never losing back-to-back games should remain unironically quoteable. But something else is now unlikely to happen consecutively for Tech — ACC championships, is what I’m referring to. #forced

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.