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2011 East-West Shrine Game: Marvin Austin Dominant In Practice

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Prior to today’s East-West Shrine Game, we’ll take a look at the ACC alum in today’s game and how they’ve performed in practice this week:

Georgia Tech DB Mario Butler – Butler had a decent start to the week but faded. This is the type of inconsistency that Yellow Jacket fans grew weary of on The Flats. Butler needs a good game to shake this label.

Virginia Tech QB Tyrod Taylor – Easily the biggest name QB on either roster and after a stellar ACC Championship game performance and rough outing vs. Stanford in the Orange Bowl, Taylor has plenty to prove this week. He has struggled to see over the Offensive Line and has done very little to dispel notions that he is more than a late round pick or undrafted FA candidate.

North Carolina DT Marvin Austin – Another big name but for all the wrong reasons. Marvin Austin did not play a single snap this season after being suspended for his interaction and benefits received from agent. He’s a very productive week and has shown the power, speed and explosion that made him a Preseason All-America candidate. At stretches, he had to be double teamed because he was so dominant. I look for Austin to have a very big game for the East squad and be a name that continues to rise as his conditioning improves.

Clemson CB Chris Chancellor – Has proved that he is the top Corner on the East squad and has been dominant in pass coverage. The words “Chancellor Island” were actualy uttered. Seriously. I’m interested in seeing how many times Chancellor and BCS Title standout Jeff Maehl of Oregon go at it.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.