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Georgia Tech Vs. Virginia: Bye Week Meme! We've Got Bye Week Meme!

The prevailing notion when it comes to stopping Paul Johnson's Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets offense: simply schedule a bye week before playing against it! Tech's foe this week, the Virginia Cavaliers, is the first team it's faced all year that's had an extra prep week. Before last week's games, matter of fact, coach Mike London was seen breaking down Tech film on UVa's official site. I cannot currently find the video. You're welcome!

Johnson thinks this is very important and makes this game unique and loves answering this question each time the schedule dictates it:

"We'll have to play disciplined defense against Virginia," he said, reciting the common mantra of teams about to play the Jackets. "If we're not disciplined and our guys don't play the gaps they've got and their responsibilities, we'll get gashed. So you have to play disciplined defense against Virginia."

As you'd expect, Georgia Tech blog From The Rumble Seat broke down the matter last year, discovering there's definitely some truth to the assumption:

CPJ and he's shown that with equal prep time, his team typically comes out ahead (73% of the time). In fact, the strongest indicator of a victory in CPJ's coaching history is that he will have the same amount of prep time as his opponent. Length of prep is irrelevant. All that matters is that the playing field is equal.


For more on this game, head to Georgia Tech blog From The Rumble Seat and Virginia blog Streaking The Lawn.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.