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Georgia Tech Vs. Clemson 2011: Paul Johnson Not Sorry For BCS Rocking

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets might've just scored the second-biggest win of Paul Johnson's time in Atlanta, the first being an ACC Championship Game victory over -- hey, the Clemson Tigers! It was the second time a top-10 ACC rival has entered the Flats and fallen to the option, but this time it ended a national championship run and made a collapsing Tech season suddenly look like something very promising again.

After the game, Johnson took it to some haters while praising his players and Clemson [hater segments tabulated]:

I know that lot of guys are disappointed that wrote us off, but we got a chance to play again next week. Like I said, earlier, just let us finish the season before you do our tombstone ... We played with some emotion and some intensity and we played better. They're 18 to 21 year olds. Like I said, we've got a young football team. I keep telling people who don't want to listen ... I knew we weren't going to quit. Unlike some people, I knew we wouldn't quit.

Johnson has yet to give a speck of what you think about his ballclub, but won't hesitate to inform you when you've found yourself mistaken regarding its quality.

The Jackets get Virginia Tech and Duke to close ACC play. Those teams put together a 17-14 game on Saturday. Just like that, the Coastal Division is back on the block.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.