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Joshua Nesbitt Promoted To Bills Defensive Depth Chart: Forced Fumbles Ahoy

Recruited in 2006 by much of the SEC as a defensive back, Joshua Nesbitt instead opted to play quarterback for Chan Gailey with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Gailey left, Paul Johnson imported his run-first offense, and Nesbitt's strengths (his strength, for one) made him an outstanding fit. In 2009, he posted 1,037 yards rushing and a 148.7 passer rating, leading the Jackets to their first ACC title in almost two decades.

And now we're sort of back where we started. Nebsitt's an active roster defensive back in the NFL, again playing for Chan Gailey. After taking a shot as a passer in training camp, he's now the fifth safety on the Buffalo Bills game day depth chart, meaning he could make a mark on special teams.

Also, speaking of Nesbitt and opposing ball carriers, here's your obligatory video:

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.