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Florida State's 2011 Football Schedule Has FSU Fans Threatening Secession

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So ACC football schedules came out yesterday, an annual time for much fanfare in a very specific and weirdly shaped sliver of America that extends from Miami to the DMV and somehow includes Boston. Except Tallahassee! Florida St. Seminoles fans are so mad about their schedule this year they plan on stealing even more Atlanta Braves chants than usual.

The Noles landed the ACC's top recruiting class and return more talent than any other conference school. They're a BCS team waiting to happen. What could their fans possibly be mad about?

Tomahawk Nation presents a massive thesis, wherein it's alleged the ACC is intentionally out to allay its "marquee program" by making it play the Clemson Tigers a week after the Oklahoma Sooners and by making it travel to play the Boston College Eagles on a short week. Put another way:

This is clearly the ACC sticking it to FSU for refusing to open with Miami on Labor Day. The war between the ACC and FSU is on.    

The outrage spanned hundreds of comments and spilled over onto Reddit, where SEC fans (and ACC fans) were not one bit sympathetic. The Boston thing isn't cool, as it indeed does devalue the conference's prime time product, but the Clemson part? Come on.

And on the one hand, sure, the ACC sucks at a lot of things, especially really obvious things that involve money and quality and competition and football. I can dig all the parts about the ACC's shortsightedness. The bridge too far is accusing the conference of retaliatory and conspiratorial behavior. They're not that smart, bros. Alleging the ACC has cocked something up is more reasonable than saying the ACC is out to get you.

TN has returned today with an agreeable solution: establish ACC out-of-conference scheduling rules. Actually on board with most of this, especially the parts about the Tobacco Road Mafia, which exists solely to get Duke into the Orange Bowl, I guess.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.