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Maryland's New Football Uniforms Are Pretty Much Virginia Tech's Pro Combat Uniforms

The Maryland Terrapins, in their quest to become the most boring team in the ACC, which is a gigantic undertaking if ever there was one, have stumbled on a brilliant scheme: wear new uniforms that trick recruits into thinking they're signing up to play for the Virginia Tech Hokies. It's genius. 

Via SB Nation's Testudo Times, here are what are believed to be the newest turtle shells (HELMETS, SHELLS, GET IT):


Leaving aside the issue of squattiness that has set into this player, whom we'll assume is a running back and thus will need to actually make use of those stubby turtle legs, these look almost exactly like the vidja game uniforms Virginia Tech wore against the Boise St. Broncos last year. Peep game:


Considering geography and resources, the Terps should make an annual priority of grabbing as many recruits from Frank Beamer's turf as they can. Doing so in an underhanded fashion, and via fashion itself, isn't how it's usually done in the ACC, but think about it this way: if every team in the ACC eventually dresses like this, the conference will be all the more boring for it.

Welcome aboard, Randy Edsall.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.