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Paul Hewitt To Be Fired Saturday, According To Vague Rumor Everyone's Citing

Paul Hewitt will be fired as Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets basketball coach Saturday, according to a tweet from a national columnist that everyone’s at least noting. If it’s good enough to be mentioned by Coley Harvey, Georgia Tech’s best beat writer, we’ll at least note it, but there’s really nothing more to it than CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel being vague about some stuff.

Tech has four days as of this writing to notify Hewitt of any decision to buy out his contract, or it will cost even more to cut him loose.

Tensions have been higher than they are right now, I’d say. Team Fire Hewitt has been much louder — which is scary. Tech is in danger of severing all ties with its recent heritage as a great basketball school if this drags on much longer.

While plenty of fans are mortified by the team’s record-setting performance against Virginia Tech last night, it sort of seems like amazement and apathy are starting to set in. Insisting on the hiring of top-notch X’s and O’s coordinators seems like the best solution to me, but nobody really asked me.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.