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Paul Hewitt Could Meet With Dan Radakovich Over Weekend, According To Report

Here’s some Paul Hewitt job status news of some more local substance: the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets basketball coach is expected to meet with athletic director Dan Radakovich over the weekend, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Jeff Schultz. They may have been able to meet even sooner if the AD weren’t scheduled to remain in Greensboro to pick bits of Jacket ouf of the ACC Tournament venue’s rafters.

There are only so many things they could be meeting about. Hewitt could be fired, or he could be informed that certain organizational decisions will no longer be his responsibility. The fanbase would be much more willing to accept the former, though the entailed buyout would put a strain on an already limited athletic department budget.

It sure would be nice for Tech fans to get to see a clean break, however. Take the hit, bite the bullet, get it over with. All that stuff.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.