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Women's NCAA Tournament Bracket Update, TV Schedule: Georgia Tech, Georgia Basketball Move On

Porsha Philips pitched in a double-double as Georgia women's basketball beat Middle Tennessee State, 56-41, to earn a trip to the second round of the 2011 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. The Lady Bulldogs completed a decent opening round for the SEC, in which every conference team except for Vanderbilt (surprise!) was able to advance. The other two scheduled to keep playing basketball: Tennessee and Kentucky.

Among ACC teams, all six (Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Miami, North Carolina) moved on to the bracket's next round.

Georgia draws FSU in Auburn on March 22, with the winner advancing to Dallas. Tech gets Ohio State on March 21 in Columbus with a trip to Dayton on the line.

Complete 2011 NCAA women's tournament second-round bracket and TV schedule (all games on ESPN2 or ESPN3. Maybe ESPN2, but definitely ESPN3. I'm sorry I can't be more specific. Look at the NCAA's official game times schedule if you don't believe me.):

Philadelphia Region

No. 1 UConn vs. No. 9 Purdue, March 22 at 7:05

No. 5 Georgetown vs. No. 4 Maryland, March 22 at 7

No. 6 Penn State vs. No. 3 DePaul, March 21 at 7

No. 10 Marist vs. No. 2 Duke, March 21 at 7

Dayton Region

No. 1 Tennessee vs. No. 8 Marquette, March 21 at 7

No. 5 Georgia Tech vs. No. 4 Ohio State, March 21 at 7

No. 6 Oklahoma vs. No. 3 Miami, March 22 at 7

No. 10 Temple vs. No. 2 Notre Dame, March 21 at 9:30

Spokane Region

No. 1 Stanford vs. No. 9 St. John's, March 21 at 9:30

No. 5 North Carolina vs. No. 4 Kentucky, March 21 at 9:30

No. 11 Gonzaga vs. No. 3 UCLA, March 21 at 9:30

No. 7 Louisville vs. No. 2 Xavier, March 22 at 7

Dallas Region

No. 1 Baylor vs. No. 9 West Virginia, March 22 at 9:45

No. 5 Green Bay vs. Michigan State, March 22 at 9:40

No. 6 Georgia vs. No. 3 Florida State at 9:35

No. 7 Rutgers vs. No. 2 Texas A&M, March 22 at 9:40

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.