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Julian Royal Waiting To Meet New Georgia Tech Basketball Coach

Lost amongst Georgia Tech's search for a new Basketball Coach is the status of its No. 1 recruit. Milton High's Julian Royal says that he will wait and meet the new coach before deciding on his future. Royal picked Tech over Georgia and many other schools during the early signing period this past fall. Now Royal's father says they are keeping an open line of communication with Tech's Athletic Director Dan Radakovich. 

“I have to admit that Dan Radakovich has been good about calling us regularly to say things are progressing. He hasn’t shared who the frontrunner is.

Royal went on to say that they had discussed the possibility of getting a release but was told by Radakovich that it was school policy not to grant a release before the new coach is chosen and all parties have the chance to sit down and talk. 

So to this point Julian Royal is waiting for the process to play itself out before deciding on his future. His dad did ad this other small caveat to the story.

“For right now, we’re better off with waiting. At the end of the day, my son really wants to attend Georgia Tech.”

For me that pretty much seals the deal. I think it is highly unlikely that any coach that Tech would hire would come in and not have a place on this team for Julian Royal especially given the team's lack of interior talent and depth. Particularly when that recruit is local and losing him could have ramifications in the future. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.