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Meineke Car Care Bowl Becomes Belk Bowl, Texas Bowl Becomes Meineke Car Care Bowl

The Meineke Car Care Bowl, an event which takes place just up I-85 in the Carolina Panthers Bank of America Stadium and always pairs the North Carolina Tar Heels and West Virginia Mountaineers I think, is now the Belk Bowl. Belk is a North Carolina company that I believe sells Makaveli T-shirts and Auburn Tigers flip flops, based on my limited inroads.


Meanwhile! The Texas Bowl is now the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas, which really makes you wish the muffler specialists had just attempted to franchise out every minor college football bowl game. The Meineke Car Care Bowls of Shreveport, the Bronx, Albuquerque, St. Petersburg, and so forth.


As the Belk Bowl is one of the few bowls at which the ACC has actually fared respectably, it -- seriously, why can't it be the Belk Queen City Bowl or Belk NASCAR Bowl or Belk Tobacco Road Bowl or Belk Tar Heel Bowl or Belk Vinegar Sauce Bowl? Will Charlotte traditionalists continue to refer to it as the Meineke, as stubborn Georgians are known to do when speaking of the event formerly known as the Peach Bowl?


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.