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Brian Oliver's Departure The Latest Among Many Challenges For Brian Gregory

Glen Rice Jr has to feel like he is the last man standing. With Brian Oliver's announcement that he is leaving the program, Tech has lost two of its top three scoring options along with Maurice Miller who graduated. In theory Oliver along with Rice would have helped replace the points and leadership lost when Shumpert jumped to the NBA but that isn't an option anymore. 

The truth is that the Yellow Jackets basketball team that Gregory inherited from former coach Paul Hewitt was short on depth to begin with. Now without Oliver, Gregory will be forced to lean even harder on Jason Morris and incoming freshman Julian Royal. By all accounts, Gregory has been super active on the recruiting trail and he will need to be super successful to turn this ship around quickly. 

The state of Georgia boasts a strong basketball class of 2012. Gregory is going to be in competition with some of the biggest names in college basketball along with fellow in state coach Mark Fox. Of all the programs he is competing with, Gregory's could be in the worst shape. On one hand he can sell playing time but how many of those top guys are interested in coming to a rebuilding situation? No one said it was going to be easy for Gregory and Brian Oliver's departure for whatever reason sure didn't help. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.