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UCF Appealing $10 Million Judgment In Ereck Plancher Wrongful Death Trial

Former Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets coach George O'Leary testified in court that he didn't remove water and trainers from Ereck Plancher during the player's fateful last workout in 2008. Some former players agreed, while some disputed his claim. You can read summaries and find links to it all here.

jury has awarded $10 million to Plancher's family, ruling Central Florida Knights football negligent for its handling of Plancher's sickle cell trait -- the school claimed his death was caused by an undetected heart failure.

That's a lot of money, especially for a school with a $8.5 million football budget. Appealing the judgment is not a strong PR move. If UCF wants people to remember Plancher's death for as long as possible, it should be sure to keep it in the news, especially if the story is about its lack of desire to send money to the family of the deceased player. But it's how these things work.

O'Leary has raised eyebrows more than once for his treatment of players. Few would object if the 2010 Liberty Bowl goes down as the last game O'Leary ever coached at UCF. It seems the school feels differently, though.

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