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NCAA To Reveal Georgia Tech Football Investigation 'Decision' At 3 PM ET Conference Call

Whatever's going down on the Flats, the NCAA has announced it will reveal the results of an investigation into the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football program at 3 pm ET Thursday. Tech was expected to have received a letter from the NCAA at 10 am ET, if that timeline helps you formulate any theories on what might be announced.

Here's one clue from the announcement of the announcement: "the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions" will reveal its "decision" regarding Tech. So apparently this is the end of an investigation, not the beginning of one. I guess.

This is already kind of a weird story, as the pattern we've seen other NCAA investigations into football programs follow as of late has involved national media breaking the story first, then the NCAA getting involved. This one came out of nowhere, and nobody in the media has anything beyond speculation. 

One would hope this is just a smattering of secondary violations or something laughably trivial like the Boise State thing, but there's a little too much of a to-do over it already for that. We'll see, though.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.