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NCAA Alleges Georgia Tech Meddled In Investigation, Strips ACC Title And Begins Probation

The NCAA's official release on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets investigation is out. As had been reported, the 2009 ACC Championship season will be affected, though the entire season won't be vacated -- just games after Nov. 24, which includes the conference title win over Clemson.

Also, the program will be on probation until July 2015, during which time it'll have to stay in constant touch with the NCAA, warn recruits that the program is on probation, and not get in any more trouble because that's how really, really bad things happen. And that's a really long time. The school will also be fined $100,000. The NCAA:

Any public references to  the vacated  2009 ACC football championship shall be removed, including from athletics department stationery, banners, trophies and awards displayed in public areas and any other form in which they may appear.

A former student-athlete was found to have received about $300 worth of clothing against regulations, but made it worse by not sidelining the player -- after the NCAA told Tech that the player's eligibility was at risk -- and by warning another player about what the NCAA was looking into. No violations were found in connection with the second player, which may be thanks to Tech's alleged meddling.

And did you know there's a basketball component as well? For the next two years, Georgia Tech basketball will be docked two summer recruiting days, all complimentary tickets for high school coaches, and any official visits beyond 10 per year.

So that's that, and now Georgia Tech will likely appeal all of this.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.