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ACC Says Georgia Tech Will Return 2009 Championship Trophy

We've heard from the NCAA Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets president Bud Peterson, Tech AD Dan Radakovich and various Tech players about the Thursday SURPRISE! announcement that the school is now on four-year probation. What does the ACC have to say for itself?

We are aware of the NCAA's decision with regard to Georgia Tech. The penalties that have been announced will require Georgia Tech to vacate the 2009 ACC Football Championship. Consistent with NCAA procedures, Georgia Tech will return the championship trophy and the official conference records for 2009 will not designate a champion. All ACC record books will be amended accordingly.   

I've seen that trophy before. I remember seeing it. I think I remember seeing it. I took an ironic photo of it. At least I think I was making fun of the ACC trophy by taking a picture of it. I was raised a Georgia Tech fan, so it was only partially ironic. At least I think I was raised a Georgia Tech fan. Nothing is real. Nothing has ever happened. The NCAA is the only thing that has ever happened. Thank you.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.