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How Will Georgia Tech Football Probation Affect 2012 Recruiting?

In addition to losing the 2009 ACC title, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football is now on probation until 2015. This means they'll have to tell each football recruit about the probation, which is kind of a Ouroboros, talking-about-Fight Club arrangement, I guess. No parent is going to like hearing that, if rival coaches haven't already brought it up.

A few current 2012 commits have already expressed some level of surprise or concern, with one, ATH Dennis Andrews, now thinking about opening his recruitment back up. Timing couldn't be more fantastic, since Tech is scheduled to hold its 2011 prospect camp this weekend.

Every one of those highly sought offensive linemen and front-seven defenders at camp is going to be painted a picture of Tech's runaway compliance train by other coaches, and a few of them might actually care about the admittedly piddling allegations. 

The most damaging effect, however, is simply that this provides a distraction. Players will have a fine time in Atlanta, but any time that has to be spent controlling the damage from Thursday's bombshell is very much a-wasted. And rest assured any recruits both Tech and Georgia are recruiting -- such as DE Jordan Jenkins, DE Kenderius Whitehead and LB Reuben Foster -- are going to hear about Tech's troubles while attending Dawg Night in Athens this weekend.

How much of an impact does all that make? Probably not a whole lot -- USC's still piling in their customary top classes despite being freshly carpet bombed and employing a smirking jackal, so Tech should be able to bounce back to their customary ... middlin' classes.

Don't be surprised if the 2012 class turns out to be a disappointment, but high schoolers can be weird. Smart recruiters can turn this kind of thing into a rallying cry. Pretty sure Ed Orgeron's recruiting skills are powered entirely by stuff like this.

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