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Dan Radakovich To Tennessee Rumor Was Overblown, Georgia Tech AD Denies Anyway

At some point Friday a rumor circulated that the Tennessee Volunteers were all set to announce Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets athletic director Dan Radakovich as Mike Hamilton's replacement -- but backed down once Shirtgate shirted up out of nowhere. The rumor spread so far that Radakovich himself dismissed it, denying he'd ever even spoken to UT.

The funny thing is nobody actually reported he was about to accept the Vols job.

Rocky Top Talk outlines the VolQuest report that set all this off, while still respecting the Rivals site's paywall. Somehow VolQuest's report that such a move would be "very realistic" led a couple of big voices to proclaim the site was reporting the move was inches away from happening, which is obviously not the same thing.

However, what we do apparently now know is Tennessee was looking into the Tech AD as a part of its search. In the link above, Rocky Top Talk doesn't like the idea of the Vols list including an athletic director who just withstood significant NCAA punishments.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.