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Georgia Tech's ACC Trophy In Storage As Paul Johnson Fumes

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Jeff Schultz had a pair of pieces Tuesday on the continuing repercussions of the NCAA's decision to alter Georgia Tech football history. First, a trip into a coat closet, where the 2009 ACC Championship trophy sits as it awaits a trip to its new home.

Next, some comments from Paul Johnson that are decidedly more Paul Johnson than his last set of comments, including this very Bobby Dodd line after calling the NCAA's insinuations insulting:

I'm sure I cheated in board games. And when I played, yeah, you'd do stuff. Move the ball forward. Move it back. Kick it. Maybe grab a guy where you're not supposed to. But heck, everybody does that.    

There's rule-breaking that provides a team a competitive edge, and there's rule-breaking that doesn't. Nobody could argue that Tech gained an edge due to Demaryius Thomas receiving some shirts from his cousin, but the team definitely needed him and Morgan Burnett to finish the 2009 season with hardware. Do not expect coach Johnson to agree to disagree with the NCAA on this one.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.