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BREAKING: ACC Media Days Definitely Not SEC Media Days

If you're watching the ACC Football Kickoff online, you get to see this image every few minutes as athletes are shuffled onto and off of the interview table:


It flaps in the air conditioning's breeze, too, which means it's not any sort of digital image -- which would mean it could actually tell you which ACC team is next -- but a tactile, paper sign that's being lowered over the camera. I confess I haven't been lucky enough to actually see the sign being positioned, but look over when I hear silence just in time to see it. Hoping to catch a photo of a hand adjusting the sign at some point, and maybe even a face smiling with approval at the sign's placement.

The holy grail would probably be a picture of this guy accidentally being used instead of the sign.

After SEC Media Days, it's clear these two conferences are different conferences. This the kind of insight you get this time of year, and you are welcome.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.