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Georgia Tech Has Nation's Best Athletic Facilities, Says Princeton Review

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Remember, the Princeton Review stays a year ahead of reality, so we're talking about which schools will have the best facilities in 2012, not right now. All right, future Tech! The Review has the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets topping the Maryland Terrapins, Army Black Knights, Wabash College Little Giants (!) and Ohio St. Buckeyes. Seems completely random to me, too. Why is that?

Well, the whole thing is based on student surveys, meaning Tech fans are just more pleased with their athletic facilities than are their counterparts at other schools. 

I get why SEC fans aren't ever satisfied with the size of their stadiums, via stadiums arms races, but are Wabash College's rivals really all that unhappy about their facilities? Stop beating yourself up, The College of Wooster. 

For nearby fans who put football above all else -- these fans are also known as God-fearing Americans -- it has to be quite a surprise to see Bobby Dodd Stadium considered part of the nation's best facilities package. It has as much history as any facility in any sport, I'd reckon, but is unnavigable without having someone already at your destination pulling you around on a string. What it lacks in amenities and ease of circumference it makes up for in downtown views, you could say, but I don't think anybody's confusing it with Bryant-Denny Stadium. Or Sanford Stadium. Or the Georgia Dome ...

Elsewhere, Tech is on the verge of completing its large indoor football practice facility, and by 2012 will be playing basketball games at an all-new arena. All-new except for the ceiling. Don't forget the aquatics facilities, which were good enough to play host to the Olympics. It's a good overall facilities profile, but I don't think a panel of outsiders would agree with the Review here. Best believe it's going to be brought up to recruits in all sports, though.

This has been 300 words in an attempt to explain why Tech students are so especially in love with their campus' athletic facilities. Any ideas?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.