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New Javaris Crittenton Details: Jewelry Robbery, Flight To L.A.

Pieces of the latest Javaris Crittenton episode are starting to come together, and none of them sound very good for the former Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets player and local prep basketball great who's accused of murdering a young mother in southwest Atlanta. Crittenton was arrested Monday night and is being held in Los Angeles for a court appearance this week. 

The Associated Press has details of the alleged jewelry robbery that supposedly led Crittenton to fire a weapon from a vehicle, accidentally hitting the victim. According to the report, Crittenton said he and a friend were held up on the morning of April 21 after leaving a barbershop. He said he handed over "a $25,000 black diamond necklace, a $30,000 black diamond watch, an iPhone and $25 cash," according to the report.

KABC-TV in Los Angeles adds that Crittenton purchased a flight ticket to Los Angeles from Atlanta on August 24, five days after the shooting, leading to a charge of federal violation of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, hence his prolonged stay in California before returning to Georgia.

Earlier this week, Atlanta police said Crittenton wasn't home when they searched his house shortly after the woman's death. The timeline they'd suggested made it sound like he was already gone from his home before August 24.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.