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Georgia Tech Score: 63-21 Win, And Paul Johnson's Got An Air Force (Again)

Paul Johnson would like you to know something: there's room in his offense for a passing game. At Hawaii in the 1980s, his quarterbacks Warren Jones and Garrett Gabriel threw for more than 2,000 yards each in consecutive seasons, with Gabriel almost hitting 3,000 in 1990. The Rainbow Warriors used aggressive deep routes, screens, stack formations, double-A-back formations and general zaniness, and it was spectacular. Take a look -- you'll barely recognize it until almost two and a half minutes in:

Since coming to Atlanta, he's mentioned multiple times that the flexbone will flex to accompany an aerial component if it damn well pleases. 

Thus far is has not frequently pleased, except when Demaryius Thomas was around, but in Georgia Tech's opener against Western Carolina, new quarterbacks Tevin Washington and Synjyn Days got to show off the flyin' Jackets display, combining for 261 yards at the half and 365 overall. You never thought you'd see a Johnson offense get dinged with NCAA 12 runnin' up the score penalties, but here we are.

(Which makes you wonder just how inaccurate Joshua Nesbitt was, and marvel at how good Thomas was.)

Yep, it's only Western Carolina. But it's not like Tech has bombed Gardner-Webb or South Carolina State or Duke or any of their other cupcakes to this degree. If the Jackets are going to incorporate a few more rainbow passes in their attack this year, few viewers will complain.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.