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Georgia Tech Recruiting: Adam Gotsis Visiting From Australia

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets welcomed offensive lineman Adam Gotsis of Australia's Gridiron Victoria on an official visit this week. He was picked to play for the World Team in the Feb. 1 International Bowl, which is probably pretty good, but I mostly just like the way the news is being shared in Australia:

Adam and his parents will be leaving Australia on Thursday the 19th of January on an Official visit to Georgia Tech Campus which is located in Atlanta. Georgia Tech will be paying for Adam's flights as well as his accommodation and meals.

Adam and his parents will meet with the coaching staff of Georgia Tech and will also tour the facilities. This is a great opportunity for Adam to play Gridiron at a High level as well as get a quality education and have a potential chance to go to the NFL.

So thorough. Not making fun at all. Just sharing all this to say it's fun to read about recruiting from a different perspective.

There's chatter he's earned an offer along the way. With Brad Wing and Jesse Williams playing in the national title game, more and more Aussies could start to make their way to U.S. college football.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.