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Georgia Tech vs. Clemson: Paul Johnson thinks Yellow Jackets have lots of work to do

Georgia Tech lost their third straight game on Saturday, 47-31 to Clemson. It was also the third straight poor performance by the Yellow Jacket defense, allowing at least 42 points in each of their last three games.

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets lost their third straight game on Saturday, 47-31 to the Clemson Tigers. It was also the third straight game the Yellow Jackets have given up at least 42 points on defense. Head coach Paul Johnson spoke with the media after the game, and the common theme of his comments was that he thinks the team has a lot of work to do.

On another poor performance by the defense:

"They’re pretty good offensively, too. They’re the best crowd we’ve played offensively. But it’s been a struggle. The effort was better. The effort was much better. I think we played O.K. in spurts. We did get a couple of turnovers. I don’t know, after the opening series, if they ever punted."

On their upcoming bye week:

"Well, you’d rather be winning going into a bye. Clearly, the first half of the season is not what we hoped for, not what we wanted. We have the back half to try and atone for that. We have to re-set some goals, re-set some things and see if we can’t come back and do a little better."

On whether the team has had bad luck:

"I consider it bad luck when you’re doing the right things and still losing. But we’re still making mistakes. It’s self-inflicted, the reason we’re losing. I just feel like we’re that close to being good, the games we’ve lost, even this one. We just have to do better."

The Yellow Jackets have a bye week this week, and then host Boston College on Oct. 20th

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