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2012 ACC Football Schedule Delayed Because Of West Virginia

Still waiting on your favorite ACC team's 2012 football slate to be revealed? Blame Big Eas... er, Big 12 member West Virginia, who could still face a lawsuit after bailing on Florida State for a non-conference series scheduled to begin in September.

The league is either being super nice to the Seminoles, or just a little gun shy in not revealing its 2012 schedule with a simple "TBD" included for the non-conference game on FSU's schedule (similar "in-progress" reveals have been done this offseason for new SEC members Texas A&M and Missouri, as well as the "new" Big 12).

The likeliest situation for FSU is that they'll plug in an opponent from what's left of the 2012 Big East, which will feature only seven teams (and WHAT an Orange Bowl it's gonna be!). Those schools are scrambling to replace the Mountaineers among others, and would likely take a high-profile series with the 'Noles. Louisville played a one-and-one FSU in recent years.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.