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ACC Tournament 2012: ACC Conference Commissioner John Swofford Talks Realignment And Expansion

In a few years, the ACC tournament's format could look a little different that what we've become accustomed to. For as long as the conference has had 12 teams in the conference, the conference's basketball championship tournament would allow the top four teams a bye while the other eight would have to play their way into the quarterfinals.

Of course, all that will change in a few years as the ACC expands to 14 teams. Could the conference expand to 16? ACC Comissioner John Swofford was interviewed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday as he made his arrival for the 2012 ACC basketball tournament. Here are Swofford's thoughts about conference realignment and the changing landscape of college athletics:

"I hope it will settle down for a while. I think the whole collegiate enterprise needs that. It's been kind of a traumatic time in recent years, and the effects have been nationwide. I've been in this business over 35 years, and I've never seen the sense of instability that was there a year to two years ago. There were things that happened –- and some things that almost happened but didn't -- that were somewhat unthinkable." -- John Swofford

Later on in the full interview, Swafford discussed his thoughts on a four-team playoff and the opportunity for additional revenue for the conference and its members. I don't think fans in the ACC will complain much, as long as their basketball doesn't suffer in the process.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.