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College Football Playoff: Paul Johnson Supports 16-Team Playoff

Paul Johnson is happy that college football will soon have a playoff to decide its national champion, he just thinks the field should be much larger than four teams. How big? Try 16 teams just like its FCS counterpart with automatic bids going to 11 conference champions and five wildcard spots.

After all Johnson successfully navigated a 16-team playoff twice during his stint as head coach of Georgia Southern so he has experienced the format first hand.

"You take 11 [conference champions] and then you add five at-large [teams], give 'em a chance. If your conference hasn't done well, you become the 16th seed. You have to go play against No. 1, but at least you had a chance."

With just four teams in the current playoff none of the so called "power conferences" are guaranteed a spot in the playoff. Among those power conferences the ACC could find itself on the outside looking in more often than not when it comes to getting a team in the playoff. So even expanding to an 8-team playoff and guaranteeing spots to the power conferences could help Johnson and Georgia Tech.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.