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Georgia Tech Preseason Football: Paul Johnson Optimistic About Season

Fall camp begins for Georgia Tech begins on Thursday and each and ever team feels that they are going to have a good season. Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson spoke with the Atlanta Journal Constitution on the eve of fall camp to talk about the upcoming season.

Johnson was asked about how optimistic he was about the 2012 team, and if it was better than prior teams:

I'm always optimistic. I think that this is a good group. They seem to have worked really hard in the offseason. They've got a good attitude. We've got a big challenge early, but I think we've got a good nucleus of guys that we've played and they're providing pretty good leadership and (I'm) really excited about some of the young guys. I think we've got some real athletic kids.

Johnson was also asked if he felt his team cold win the ACC and he feels that they can win the league since he felt they were close last year. There was also talk about getting Orwin Smith the ball more this season as well as how playing time could work out for Vad Lee and Synjyn Days.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.