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Augusta National's Sexist Policies Are So Dumb They Remind Joe Posnanski Of The Internet

After Tara Sullivan of the North Jersey Record was prevented by Augusta National Golf Club staff from joining a pack of fellow (male!) reporters in the locker room to collect quotes from Rory McIlroy, she continued working on her story for the paper while tweeting an understated complaint on the snub. 


Augusta quickly apologized, Sullivan finished her story and then shared what happened outside the locker room. This led "A-HA!" types to summon that famous "Are men allowed in WNBA locker rooms?" gotcha. It doesn't actually mean anything, because it's asked with a bizarre assumption that everyone is nude at all times in every locker room and seven-figure athletics facilities are not equipped with places for athletes to talk to reporters.


Joe Posnanski has weighed in, riding on the club's sexist and generally exclusive-in-the-wrong-way tradition, but mostly just upset about the internet. Friends, when your policies are so antiquated that you're giving top-tier sportswriters cause to reference newspaper website comment sections, you've mis-stepped somewhere along the way.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.