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VIDEO: Tiger Woods Calls Himself 'Woodrow' After Masters Tournament Slice

Tiger Woods is known for vocally criticizing himself as soon as he knows a shot's gone sour. Here's a list of videos that turn up for the search tiger woods cursing, if you'd like a trip through the archives. The finest, of course, is "Tiger Woods, YOU SUCK," but today he may have topped them all.

During his third-round appearance at the Masters Tournament's hole No. 11, Woods drove to the right near the trees, a spot he's become familiar with. Despite an American onlooker's best "WOO!", Woods immediately nags himself, seething, "Aawwwwwwh, Woodrow. Dammit!"

Via Mocksession:

Some have termed this an expression of Woods' immense ego, as he's not just referring to himself in the third person but actually giving himself an alter ego. I think it's more likely his ball suddenly swerving to the right reminded him of President Woodrow Wilson's sharp hawk turn after being elected on the promise of keeping the United States out of World War I. Tiger went to Stanford, folks.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.