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Masters 2012: Sergio Garcia Says 'I'm Not Good Enough For The Majors'

Sergio Garcia was once tabbed the next young phenom who would lead the PGA following in the shadows of Tiger Woods. Its crazy to think that Garcia's now been playing at Golf's highest level for 13 years, and in those 13 years Garcia is 0-for-49 in major tournaments. A phenom's legacy unfulfilled.

Speaking with the Spanish press Saturday night after falling out of contention with a 75 in the third round of The Masters, Garcia gave some refreshing commentary about his lack of winning and his perspective on things. Via The Golf Channel's "Live From The Masters" coverage:

"After 13 years, today was the day...I don't have the capacity to win a major...It's the reality. I'm not good enough and now I know it. I tried for 13 years, thinking I can win. I don't know what happens to me...It could be something psychological, but if the shots don't is simpler than it seems. After 13 years, I have run out of options. I'm not good enough for the majors. I will try to be second or third...You can live without a major."

He will probably face a ton of scrutiny for these words, but I personally find these words candid and refreshing. Garcia's self-doubt and reflection is something we all deal with and managing the issues head always seem to work out better that way.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.