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Hawks vs. Sixers: Larry Drew could change Atlanta's lineup

Hawks head coach Larry Drew may tinker with the team's lineup after losing three out of four games in uninspiring fashion.


After the Atlanta Hawks' 99-80 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday night, head coach Larry Drew discussed the possibility of making changes to the team's starting lineup with Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"I can take losing but if we don't bring the energy, if we don't bring the juice, that's when I really have to look at things and I'm certainly going to do that. I may have to take a look at our lineup."

In losing three out of their last four games, the Hawks have let things get away from them in the second half multiple times, eliciting Drew's comments about the team's energy level. Hawks big man Al Horford told Vivlamore that he doesn't "know if it's necessarily energy," but there could be some proof in the stats; Atlanta has been significantly out-rebounded in each of the losses, and have often performed poorly in the second half over the last couple of weeks, even in wins over the Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards.

Of course, another issue could be that the Hawks' schedule took a rough turn of late, having to face probable playoff teams in the Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat over the last 12 days, and have the Chicago Bulls awaiting them in Atlanta on Saturday.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.