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Hawks trade deadline review: Josh Smith stays in Atlanta, for now, while Hawks land Dahntay Jones

The Hawks couldn't get anybody to make a suitable deal for Josh Smith, so he'll remain a Hawk until he becomes a free agent this summer. Meanwhile, the team made a minor deal to bring in Dahntay Jones.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

For all the Josh Smith trade talks and rumors, the Hawks' leading scorer will remain in Atlanta -- at least until the end of the season.

There was a lot of ink spilled over the idea of Smith being dealt -- seriously, check out SB Nation's Storystream on the seemingly impending trade (28 updates) and Peachtree Hoops' (37 updates) -- as reports got more and more detailed by the day on where he would end up. There were very strong rumors that he would go to Milwaukee, likely for Monta Ellis, Brooklyn, likely for Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks, to Boston, possibly for Paul Pierce, and to Phoenix. (If you want the details on the twists and turns, read those incredibly comprehensive streams) But instead, he's staying put with the Hawks. There was reportedly a last minute deal in the works with the Bucks, but Danny Ferry backed out.

That puts everything on hold until this summer. Smith is an unrestricted free agent, and will likely sign with the highest bidder, a team that might not be the Hawks. They might see a guy who has been the cornerstone of their franchise walk away this summer for little more than the cap space left behind by where his contract used to be.

However, the Hawks did make a deal, sending little-used three-point specialist Anthony Morrow for defensive stopper Dahntay Jones. The future might be worrisome for the Hawks due to their inability to land something in return for their most valuable asset, but Jones could provide help defending opposing guards for the Hawks in the playoffs.

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