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New Kennesaw State Fight Song Apparently Coming Soon

One of the primary extracurricular intellectual puzzles of attending Kennesaw State University, along with "is it easier to just park at Reinhardt and then walk to class?" and "am I the only male on campus right now?" ... "do we have a fight song?" I've yet to meet any fellow alumni able to quote a few bars of whatever fight song we may or may not have.

Either way, it appears that's about to change, as the school's released the following image, hashtagged with #KSUfightsong:


As always, any and all Kennesaw things are best punctuated with rifle fire when not punctuated with cannon fire, so I'll trust the eventual arrangement leaves plenty of room for locals to discharge weaponry northward.

Scrappy's 'shoppedly wearing a No. 63 either in honor of the date of the university's founding year or the number of Taco Macs within a 10-mile vicinity of school grounds.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.