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Major News Story: Kennesaw State Unveils New Logo

There are certain stories in the sports world that are so vital, so important, so groundbreaking that you know you'll never forget where you were when you first heard the news. Stories you know will impact a sport forever, or at the very least, have a 30 for 30 made about them. This is one of those stories.

Kennesaw State University has officially unveiled their new logo. Check out the earth-shattering redesign after the jump.



Let me just take a cursory check here.

- Wings

- Fearsome talons

- Beak

- Michael Jackson "Thriller" eyes

- Michael Imperioli eyebrows

Yep, this is indisputably an owl. Way to go, Kennesaw State. You did it! This is not only an owl, but a fearsome owl. One that will certainly be reckoned with. You can bet your bippy (or whatever it is you may have) that this owl wouldn't hesitate to take an Avada Kedavra to the face in order to save Harry Potter. That's what goes on at Kennesaw State, right? I'm just assuming it is.

Just for the sake of reference, this is the old Kennesaw State logo. And it is adorable. I'm sure that in college sports, causing your opponents to squeal with delight and put their hands over their grinning mouths is somewhat less preferable to striking fear in their opponents. And I'm sure that KSU's opponents will definitely be afraid of this new logo. Particularly if their opponents' mascot is the Mice. Or the Squirrels. Or the Voles. Or any other small rodent that will have its bones end up in some owl pellet somewhere.

So while we are sad to see the super precious old logo go, we're proud of KSU for seizing the day and taking a bold move forward. After all, YOLO.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.