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VIDEO: Kyle Busch Dumps Kevin Harvick's Car Into Pit Row Wall After Spat

Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch can't stand each other. It's been open contempt for months and months, which resulted in a scene too weird for Talladega Nights after Saturday night's race in Darlington. As drivers began to dismount their stallions, an aggressive Harvick headed off Busch, forcing the Doublemint car to loop backwards across the track just to make it into pit row.

Harvick then stopped in the middle of the lane to get out and swing through Busch's window, prompting Busch to hit the gas and send Harvick's car tumbling into the pit row wall, thus avoiding a fight in the most dangerous way possible:

Pretty courageous move there, sending an enormous racecar skidding across a busy pit row filled with people milling around. But wait there's more! As the two teams were loading into their haulers, Harvick even took off after Busch's entire team, hurling expletives all willy-nilly.

What brought all this on, besides the blazing hatred these two have for each other? Some complicated jostling on Lap 365 that I am not NASCAR enough to understand.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.