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Atlanta Motor Speedway To Feature Food Items Made With Coca-Cola Products; Fan Voting Underway

This September at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, NASCAR fans will be able to take in the on-track action while enjoying a variety of menu items cooked with Coca-Cola products.

Okay, let your mouth stop watering from reading that first line and wipe yourself off, but keep those napkins handy because you're gonna need 'em.

Coca-Cola is easily our great state's most recognized company and product. What started as a medicinal drink invented by Dr. John Pemberton in an Atlanta Pharmacy - Jacob's Pharmacy in fact, I dunno who Jacob was but I'm sure glad he hired Dr. John - and was built into a national phenomenon by Asa Candler now puts smiles on the faces of folks worldwide. It continues to hold significant local meaning, though, with the World of Coca-Cola in downtown Atlanta drawing over a million visitors each year.

Now Levy Restaurants has created a handful of recipes featuring Coca-Cola products and some of Georgia's other great food exports that are exclusive to the race track. Fans will be able to vote on each recipe to decide which items will be sold at "Taste of Coca-Cola" concessions at the track.

Got your napkins handy? Good, because here is the savory list of products featuring the Official Soft Drink of Southern Hospitality (and NASCAR). It's unfortunate we can't vote for them all, because I'd be eating every one of them over the three days of the race weekend:

Coke Zero Braised-Beef Tacos (My kind of Taco!)

Coca-Cola Chili Dog (Oh my goodness.)

Fries with Coca-Cola Dipping Sauce (They should market that sauce!)

Georgia Peaches and Sprite Elephant Ear (I dunno what the heck that is, but it sure sounds good)

Cherry Coke BBQ Pork Sandwich with Vidalia Onions
(Oh my goodness, part two).

Goodness gracious me! Sounds like a hungry Southerner's dream weekend, and that's before you throw in the stars of NASCAR's top-three divisions doing battle on the track!

Needless to say, this scrumptious menu is just another reason Atlanta Motor Speedway will be home of the "Biggest Labor Day Party in the USA."

To vote, visit this page at the Atlanta Motor Speedway website.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.