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The Rock, John Cena, And The Miz: WrestleMania 2011 Match Card Previews

This Sunday at Wrestlemania 27, the WWE Champion, the Miz, defends his title against John Cena.  Yes, in case you haven't been watching TMZ lately, the Real World/Tough Enough alum is really the WWE Champion.  Anyway, I like the Miz and since I'm not eight years old or a female, I don't like John Cena.  I'll do my best to hide my bias in this preview.

Match background: The Miz is AWESOME!  And, he likes to let everyone know.  He also won the WWE Championship in November by cashing in his Money in the Bank title shot and defeating Randy Orton, who had just finished successfully defending the title against Wade Barrett.  It's hard to believe that the Miz has held on to the WWE Championship for over four months, but I guess I hadn't noticed how long it has been since he has wastedspent so much time fighting Jerry Lawler for some reason.  Anyway, the Miz and the rapper/wrestler/actor(?)/child clothing salesman, John Cena, do not like each other.  But guess what?  The Rock is back!  And John Cena doesn't like the Rock because he left the WWE for Hollywood, while the Rock doesn't like John Cena because... well because John Cena is horrible (though, I must give him respect for carrying on the Shawn Michaels tradition of "performing" his own theme song).  Also, the Miz doesn't like the Rock because he isn't AWESOME, while the Rock doesn't like the Miz because the Miz is "AWFUL."  The build up for this match was kind of odd, as it was pretty much set up as if it were a triple threat match.      

Prediction: The big question is who will the Rock help, inadvertently or on purpose, win the match and the WWE Championship.  Last I checked, my sources (the online wrestling rumor mills) were reporting that the WWE is moving forward with a John Cena/Rock match.  Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that this would mean the Rock will cost Cena the match so that their feud could continue and lead to a grudge match.  However, this is Wrestlemania; the place where the good guys usually win.  So for that reason, I predict the Rock gets involved and costs the Miz the title.  John Cena becomes the champ once again (blah humbug) and the Rock and John Cena celebrate for an hour in the ring together, throwing their disagreements out the door while the Georgia Dome crowd goes crazy.  That of course would set up the Rock versus John Cena in a "I respect you, we should put on a show for the fans" match instead of a "Ohhh you are bad!!! I hate you!  I am so good!!! Buy my t-shirts!!!" match.  If this match turns out to be the main event, then my confidence in this prediction quadruples.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.