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Triple H Vs. The Undertaker, WWE WrestleMania 27 Matches: The Game Versus The Streak

The Undertaker versus Triple H is probably the most anticipated match at WWE WrestleMania 27. This match not only interests hardcore wrestling fans, but it also interests casual fans who only watch one wrestling event a year. For perhaps the only time Sunday night, the casual viewer will actually know each competitor. Additionally, pretty much everyone is familiar with the Streak.   

Match background:  The Streak. The most magical record in all of professional wrestling (there really aren't many magical records in wrestling). The Game. One of the most celebrated wrestlers over the last 20 years. Triple H has done it all; he is a thirteen time heavyweight champion, he's been a part of many popular factions, he's been a strong face and an even stronger heel, he's been a part of many historic fueds, and he even married Vince McMahon's daughter. The Cerebral Assassin has done everything, except defeat the Deadman at Wrestlemania.  In fact, Hunter was the ninth victim of the Undertaker's Mania streak. To add more fuel to Triple H's fire, he is out to seek revenge for the Undertaker retiring Hunter's best friend, Shawn Michaels.

There really wasn't much of an actual build up to this match. The WWE pretty much said "You want a storyline? Let's just play that Streak crap up."  Both wrestlers had been out of action for substantial amounts of time and both returned on the same night. Each week they have done a lot of staring, a lot of glaring, and a good bit of boring caveman style talking. The one good thing about the build up for this match was seeing Shawn Michaels on television again for a few weeks. HBK had two shots at breaking the Streak, once at Wrestlemania 25 and again at Wrestlemania 26. Shawn was forced to retire after becaoming number 18 in the Streak. HHH claims he will break the Streak or die trying... The Undertaker? Well he believes in the Streak as much as he believes he is a Deadman walking.

 Prediction:  The Undertaker will become 19-0 at Wrestlemania and the Streak will live on.  I just don't see the Undertaker's Streak being snapped at this point.  I assume the last match of his career will be at next year's Wrestlemania so that he can go out at 20-0.  Of course, there are rumors of Triple H's impending retirement, and wouldn't it be great for him to break the Streak and go out claiming he has done it all?  Well that won't happen.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.