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Randy Orton Vs. CM Punk, WWE WrestleMania 27 Card: Match of the Night Contender

Randy Orton and C.M. Punk's feud will come to a head at Wrestlemania 27.  Randy Orton's gimmick is that he hears voices in his head, and he uncontrollably starts to act like a snake.  Somehow, that gimmick makes him a face.  C.M. Punk's gimmick is that he is a straight edge cult leader.  As horrible as the gimmick sounds, Punk makes it work and he has actually become one of the WWE's most entertaining wrestlers, and possibly my favorite currently active wrestler. 

Match background:  Back in 2008, Randy Orton punted C.M. Punk in the skull, costing Punk the World Heavyweight Championship.  Three years later, C.M. Punk decided it is time for revenge and soon after becoming the leader of the Nexus, Punk set the group's sights on Randy Orton.  

Randy Orton faced the Miz at the Royal Rumble and C.M. Punk interfered, costing Orton the mach and the WWE title.  That kicked off the feud and over the last month or two, Randy Orton has been busy systematiclly punting each member of the Nexus in the head, which of course puts them out of action indefinitely.  Thus, Punk is now  a solo act.  To even the score, Punk lured the Viper into a trap that resulted in Orton receiving a wrench shot to the knee.  Even with a bum knee, Orton was able to line up Punk for a head punt last Monday on Raw, but when Orton started running in for the kick, his knee went out on him, leaving the anticipation of a punt to Punk's skull until Wrestlemania.         

Prediction: I feel this match could go either way, but will put my money on C.M. Punk.  Since they have really been playing up Orton's head kicking abilities lately, the scenario I envision is Punk faking that he is hurt and tricking Orton into going for a punt to his head.  Then Punk will move out of the way at the last second and scoop up Orton and nail the Go to Sleep to end the match.  In any event, this match has the potential to steal the show.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.