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WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Class 2011: Bullet Bob Armstrong, Another Georgian, Honored

Marietta, Georgia's Bullet Bob Armstrong was introduced to the WWE Hall of Fame 2011 induction ceremony stage by his son, Jesse James, who rhymes like a furious Al Sharpton and leads the evening's catch phrase race so far. Every wrestler is from Marietta, but Armstrong may have been one of the first. James is one of four Armstrong boys who went on to become pro wrestlers. Two of the others were on stage, but didn't do any rapping at all.

Armstrong broke out the quote-the-Gettysburg-Address joke, a Charlton Heston bit, and started singing Elvis Presley, all before beginning his speech. This family has personality.

He credited his wife with "raising five boys, including me" and told a story about World War II-era pro wrestling legend Gorgeous George accidentally starting a near-riot in Marietta (where else!) by throwing a pin into the ringside crowd. That was the most Marietta story ever. 

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.