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WWE WrestleMania 27 Results, Updated Live From The Georgia Dome

WWE WrestleMania 27 kicked off with what my associate has termed a "dark match." This means it won't air live on pay-per-view, I'm told. It's a lumberjack match for the United States title pitting Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, featuring The Great Kali, Mark Henry, Chris Masters, Ted DiBiase Jr., William Regal, and a bunch of other wrestlers as ringside loiterers.

We had thought this match was going to be on the main card, as it had been listed there by the WWE. Trying to convince everybody this is freeing up time for a match between The Rock and Stone Cold. Sheamus and Bryan scrapped in the ring for a while until both tumbled out of the ring and lumberjack ham broke loose. Teddy Long took the stage to declare INSTANT IMPROMPTU LUMBERJACK BATTLE ROYAL due to "outside interference." I don't know either.

Utter anarchy ensued. Everybody looked to be burning tons of calories and having a lot of fun. Mark Henry made the first move, throwing out all type of bammers akimbo. The match appeared to come down to the guys who started it all, with Sheamus saving himself on the ropes before kicking out Bryan.

But The Great Kali! The biggest man in the city was forgotten about! Kali clotheslined Sheamus out of the ring to take the WTF WAS THAT.

This crowd may be the earliest-arriving crowd in Georgia Dome history.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.